Monday, September 26, 2016

Back of the Lake

Climbing at the Back of the Lake crags at Lake Louise is an interesting experience. 

First of all, the approach is brutal, its a 20 minute flat trail along the edge of Lake Louise, which is breathtakingly beautiful and it only becomes more picturesque as you climb higher.  
Really rough approach in the morning
Views of Mt. Victoria over Lake Louise never cease to impress
Second, the rock is really solid quartzite, which is a nice change from the chossy limestone typical of the rockies. Its also a great mix of trad and sport routes with a big range of grades
Jenny loves quartzite! 
Kyle leading some trad
Jenny looking for little crimps
Finally, the best part is that you are climbing right above the walking trail along the lake, so all the tourists who manage to pull their eyes off the lake and look up at the rocks are suddenly shocked and amazed by all the climbers. You get to be a climbing model and end up in everyone's photos. Its pretty awesome and great for the ego. I highly recommend it.
Early morning reflections
Can't beat this belay stance

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