Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally good to go

So it turns out I broke my mandible in two places when I crashed on New Years Day. After a trip down to the hospital in Vancouver to get my mouth wired shut, I returned to Whistler and spent most of my time sleeping, rock climbing and hanging out at Merlins, the bar at the base of Blackcomb.

x-rays. Can you see where it broke? The doctors couldn't at first

 With the elastics in my mouth holding everything very tightly shut, I wasn't able to eat anything that wouldn't fit through the strainer. For the most part, my diet consisted of milk shakes of various flavours, protein shakes, smoothies and soup. I did get creative though. Some of my more brilliant meals included:

-grilled cheese sandwich blended with tomato soup
-perogies blended with salsa and melted cheese
-scrambled eggs and sausage blended with milk
-pancakes with maple syrup and milk
-$5 tacos at Merlins with guacamole, sour cream and salsa (with a bit of beer to make it liquid)
-yam fries with chipotle mayo and milk also at Merlins (thanks Luke!)
-spicy agedashi tofu at the GLC (best meal of all)

Step 1 of meal preparation: blend

Step 2: strain

Finally, after 4 weeks, I am able to ski again. I have to wear a full face to keep my jaw safe while it keeps healing. I am able to eat, which is fantastic, food has never tasted so good. Since I have to keep my skis on the ground for a while, I am starting to train for my level 3 which I hope to be taking in March. I have some good stuff to look forward too, lots of touring on the new gear, a trip to Revelstoke at the end of February and the infamous Hotdog the Movie the Party coming up this Friday night. Life is good.

Look at that chewing ability in action!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Broke my face

Today we went out to Flute to build a jump and work on flips and linkin loops. This one didn't pan out so well and I ended up in the clinic with a hole in my face.

Big hole!
Spent three and a half hours at the clinic in Whistler to find out that I have a broken jaw as well as the obvious facial deformations. Oh ya, I also broke a couple teeth!

21 stitches and a very fat lip later...
I will be heading down to Vancouver to get my jaw wired soon and find out how long I am going to be out. This means that Revelstoke is definitely out of the question but I have my fingers crossed for Rossland. Either way, its time to sit on the couch and chill while I let my body fix itself.