Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rogers Pass - Puff Daddy

For the second time in two months, we got the privilege of skiing with David and Tyler, and this time Tristan came along too! After a slow drive out to Revelstoke through a snowstorm, we spent the night in the Revelstoke Mountain parking lot. The other guys had skied the resort on Friday and had talked us into driving past Rogers Pass and joining them for another resort day on Saturday. It was well worth the extra kilometers and we had a fantastic time at Revelstoke before heading up to the pass for the night. We spent the night in the trailer (David and Tyler slept in their Subaru) and woke up to a brilliant sunny day. I am pretty sure everyone I know was checking in at the visitor centre, and it turned into a very social morning before we got on the trail.
Sunny skies and fresh snow in Roger's Pass
Cooking up a breakfast of champions at our campsite
 We climbed up Teddy Bear Trees and had two fabulous tree runs in deep powder! Each lap was 700 metres long and we were able to find lots of fresh snow despite lots of people out touring. I think most people went home early to watch the Superbowl so we got the whole mountain to ourselves in the afternoon. 
Tyler shredding the powder in Teddy Bear Trees
Deep snow in the pass
 Tristan was trying to find every single pillow on the hill and had a blast jumping off stuff.
Tristan goes for a ride off a pillow (see video for Tristan's various pillow lines of the day - note: some explicit language)

David shralping
Tristan isn't upset he missed the Superbowl
Claiming the day
 Back at the trailer, we celebrated with burgers and beers, and made plans for our objective for the following day, Puff Daddy.
Stoked after a great day

Trailer beers and hanging out
We left the parking lot on Monday morning just after 8 and started our tour up to Grizzly Subpeak where Puff Daddy starts. There wasn't nearly as much traffic out, but everyone seemed to have the same idea as us. The skin track had been well used the day before and was steep and icy, making it a really frustrating and tiring tour to the top. When we reached the top of Puff Daddy, it had warmed up significantly and the snow was getting heavy. We decided to go for it anyways and did not regret it. Our run was so amazing and had tons of pillows, cliffs and fun lines through the trees. The heavy snow wasn't a big deal and everyone had a blast.
Heading back up for another awesome day
Beautiful day for skiing
Steep, icy uptracks are super frustrating
Approaching the top of Grizzly subpeak next to some cool cliffs
Looking back to Cheops
Snorkels recommended on Puff Daddy
Awesome pillows and deep pow!
The team!
 We were back at the trailer by noon and on the road an hour later, heading in separate directions down Highway 1. It was so fun skiing with everyone and I can't wait for our next adventure!