Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Touring

What could be a better birthday present than some fresh pow and (somewhat) bluebird skis? Pillows in the Duffy of course!! The following is a 10 step guide on how to have a great 23rd birthday in the middle of nowhere.
Step 1: Survive the sketchy creek crossing
Step 2: Work your way up the cut-block
Step 3: Be stoked on life!
Step 4: Skin up the ridge, don`t be distracted by the views!
Step 5: Smile! It`s sunny!
Step 6: Test the snowpack
Step 7: Keep moving, you`re almost there
Step 8: Get your rad on in the pillows
Step 9: Celebrate your awesomeness
Step 10: Don`t fall in on the way back to the car

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tunnel Creek

Turns out this was saved as a draft for a while, I thought I had published it. Better late than never I guess! This is the story of my reading break. Instead of taking full advantage of my time to study for midterms and write papers, I left the coast and headed out to Fernie, BC for a whole bunch of skiing. The week involved 3 nights at Tunnel Creek Hut, a new hut built in the Lizard range.
Tunnel Creek Hut
We had low expectations about snow as it had been dry for a very long time, but with decent stability. We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves some amazing snow that had not been sun-affected on quite a few aspects.
Making do with the tree skiing
The Tunnel Creek Hut is a really neat little building with some fantastic terrain within an easy tour. It sleeps 6 comfortably (although cooking with 6 in there is a bit of an adventure). Apparently it is pretty popular, on our way up we met up with some people skiing in with a huge amount of gear. Their friends had messed up their booking and gone up 3 days early!! Since they were a huge group, they ended up sleeping in a snow cave until it was their turn to take the hut. Brave guys!

A glimpse of planetary peak through the fog gave us some ideas about places to explore, but the weather kept us below tree-line the whole time. We were lucky enough to get some snow during our stay which was a welcome surprise! 

Pretty stoked that it is snowing out here! Finally!
What goes up… 
…must come down!
Powder rock out session
It couldn't have been a much better week. Now back to school to recover from my holiday.