Saturday, January 1, 2011

Broke my face

Today we went out to Flute to build a jump and work on flips and linkin loops. This one didn't pan out so well and I ended up in the clinic with a hole in my face.

Big hole!
Spent three and a half hours at the clinic in Whistler to find out that I have a broken jaw as well as the obvious facial deformations. Oh ya, I also broke a couple teeth!

21 stitches and a very fat lip later...
I will be heading down to Vancouver to get my jaw wired soon and find out how long I am going to be out. This means that Revelstoke is definitely out of the question but I have my fingers crossed for Rossland. Either way, its time to sit on the couch and chill while I let my body fix itself.


  1. oh shit, that's a savage gash. hope you get better soon.

  2. eesh! gnarly cut. get well soon!